Grow Your Wealth with Dividends and Bonus Credits

September 21, 2020

Grow Your Wealth with Dividends and Bonus Credits

When you push a small snowball down a hill, it continuously picks up snow.

Become a “Snowball” investor. Let’s build a snowball with SA! We provide a new investment scheme called “SA’s Snowball Program” to help you utilize your dividends & additional credits.

The snowball effect has been used as a metaphor for compounding. It well represents how small & constant investments can lead to big results.

This is how our SA’s Snowball Program works

1. Transfer however much cash you want.

2. Earn 2% credits per annum on the transferred amount. (Bonuses are given only for the funds that have stayed in the wallets for every 30-day intervals. Please click here to read more.)

3. Invest dividends & capital gains and that's it.

Growing your wealth can be this Simple!

This program starts on 21st September 2020.

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