Join Us at This Upcoming Webinar on 26th Nov

December 12, 2020

Join Us at This Upcoming Webinar on 26th Nov

Join Us at This Upcoming Webinar on 26th Nov. 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Meet the Shareable Asset Team!

SA provides a way for individuals to have access to quality investments the same way corporations and large organizations did.

We are introducing the team members! Please join us at this upcoming webinar.Shareable Asset Webinar 2020 Singapore

Do You Want to Know SA?

1. What are the exit options investors have?

2. Why do I need currency conversion every time I invest, and why can’t I invest in SGD?

3. What do guaranteed yield and buyback options mean?

4. Why do all of your projects base in UK pounds only?

5. What happens if the project is not fully funded and the dateline is up.

6. If an asset is damaged or destroyed, what happens?

7. In case of SA’s bankruptcy, how all the investments are protected?

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