Shareable Asset’s Main Strength

September 16, 2020

Shareable Asset’s Main Strength

Shareable Asset is disrupting a legacy industry with 5 key strengths.

1. Institutional-level Assets Available for All

With Shareable Asset, everyone could now access institutional-level[1] global investment opportunities anytime, anywhere. Previously, retail investors could not access institutional-quality assets in the major market around the world due to the limited information as well as the capital. Shareable Asset provides investment opportunities for assets in prime investment destinations such as the UK, focusing where we see massive growth potential driven by global economic and demographic trends.

From its launch, Shareable Asset successfully closed 3 consecutive institutional-level deals in the UK, which shows our commitment to unlock vast investment opportunities to retail investors, accredited investors, and institutional investors alike.

2. Investment Made Possible as Low as $100

Currently, investment in real estate is allowed only for confined people since a certain amount of scale with running costs is required. There are no such global property investments for allowing investors to invest in as low as $100. Shareable Asset makes enabling retail investors to own a portion of an asset, starting from as low as $100, while earning returns similar to purchasing the full asset. Though it’s just $100, if you reinvest the interest, in the long-term for 5 or 10 years, the effect could be dramatic since you can earn compound interest based on the interest conceived.

With Shareable Asset, investors who have co-purchased the equity stake of a building can be co-owners with rights, such as dividends and capital appreciation. With a fractionalized property, the asset becomes democratized, and access is opened to smaller investors[2].

And also, it allows all investors to directly own a portion of high-quality assets while earning returns similar to purchasing the entire asset. The rental income and capital appreciation structure is the same as one would buy a real physical property. For rental income, it will be divided proportionally based on the % share that investors own so that investors enjoy annual yield on a monthly basis, the same process as one would buy a real physical property. For capital appreciation, it allows retail investors to access lucrative projects such as UK prime properties.

3. With SA, everyone can now invest in global real estate

When you try to add global properties to your portfolio, you could confront burdensome issues such as due diligence, heavy paperwork, some tricky legal issues, which can be difficult to be dealt with on an individual level.

However, if we could transact real estate freely as we do shopping on a global e-commerce platform which now became a part of our daily lives, it could open a huge global market opportunity for investors.

Aiming for "Amazon in the real estate industry”, Shareable Asset provides a platform for investors to easily and securely trade global real estate assets online and on a real-time basis.

4. Money Managed Securely by Third-Party Custodian

Since Shareable Asset is one of the first licensed real estate platforms(Capital Markets Services Licensee - CMS100942) to be able to issue asset-backed security tokens in a regulated environment, we are managing funds and the company under a strict control system.

Accordingly, independent third-party custody for funds assures your money is safeguarded in a licensed bank in Singapore. Deposits and fund settlements of customers are handled by a third-party custodian, responsible for supervising the safety of customers' funds. In addition to this, since Shareable Asset deposits real estate assets in third-party custody, the approval of the investor is required for the asset to be transacted in any form which ensures the safety of the assets.

5. The investment Made Simple

If you have tried to invest in real estate, you could already know that it’s not that simple.

Firstly, building up a portfolio can take a great deal of effort to designate an appropriate lawyer and accountant to help you proceed with all the related work and complete a real estate transaction. Secondly, it is hard to get curated information on a real estate asset’s value to conduct proper investment decision making as a retail investor. Last but not least, it is costly. Even though you have found the quality asset with stable yield and capital appreciation in a prime location, if you don’t have enough capital to invest, you could not even invest in the property.

As opposed to those drawbacks by incumbents, Shareable Asset offers speedy investment through the one-stop app for allowing investors to invest real estate within 5 minutes on their mobile. In addition to this, Shareable Asset provides investors with carefully selected deal-related information to assist with investment decisions. And also, it remarkably diminishes all the inefficiency due to paperwork as well as overhead costs for appointing required professionals such as lawyer and accountant.

Now, through Shareable Asset, real estate investment can be as easy as using e-commerce for everyone.

[1] An institutional-grade, or institutional-quality property generally refers to a property of sufficient size, lower risk, and stature to merit attention from large national or international investors.
[2] Forbes, The Transformation Of An Industry: Blockchain-Based Real Estate Assets

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