Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate on Shareable Asset

September 4, 2020

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate on Shareable Asset

Shareable Asset aims to disrupt the real estate investment sector in the same way Amazon did to retail by making real estate investment as easy as using e-commerce.

As the consumer experience is Shareable Asset’s focus and competitive advantage, the application, documentation, and how the investors decide to invest is based upon 5 essential features.

1. Institutional-level Assets Available for All

With SA, everyone could access institutional-level global investment opportunities anytime, anywhere. Not only Shareable Asset helps asset owners to quickly raise funds and track the performance of the sale any time efficiently, but also, it offers investors a convenient way to diversify their portfolio, by allowing them to access projects which are typically reserved for institutional and accredited investors.

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2. Regulated by MAS

Capital Markets Services Licensee - CMS100942

Shareable Asset is one of the first licensed real estate platforms to be able to issue asset-backed security tokens in a regulated environment which is both legally and economically acceptable. This license means SA complies with regulations required of most financial institutions in Singapore and assures that we are managing funds and the company in our clients’ best interests.

As a regulated Financial Institute, Shareable Asset can target retail investors as well as accredited and institutional investors globally.

3. Within 5 Minutes, with Small Amount

It is now enabled by SA to invest online in global real estate within just 5 mins as low as $100 by providing fractional ownerships.

4. Money Managed by Third-Party Custodian

Independent third-party custody for funds assures your money is safeguarded in a licensed bank in Singapore. Shareable Asset deposits the transaction and settlement funds of customers in a third-party custodian, which is responsible for the depositing and withdrawal of the funds, supervising the deposits to guarantee the safety of funds of customers.

5. MyInfo Integration & Seamless KYC Process

SA is integrated with the MyInfo service powered by the Singapore government which allows users to access hundreds of government services easily and securely online. And also, SA complies with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

As a leading asset tokenization platform, Shareable Asset is quickly becoming a digital financial force to be reckoned with as successfully closing 3 institutional-level investment rounds in a row. It paves way for its potential to pivot itself further in the global real estate investment market, of which the successive deals are expected to accelerate to USD 20 to 30 million in 2020 with several renowned partners in the global real estate field.

As a game-changer in the real estate investment realm, armed with technology, Shareable Asset will continue to uncover the untapped global real estate market in a regulated environment.

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